Our physical world is an interaction of time, space, light, and breath. This collection of images is my attempt to capture specific moments of time that I have gathered from Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and California over the past nine years.
As you will see in my images, the world is a vivid space with every moment a miracle. I attempt to capture and reinterpret the instance through my stylized image.
My first camera was a used Nikon FTN in the 1970’s.  In 2009, I rediscovered the joy of experiencing the visual world through camera lenses.  My focus is mostly on the beauty of the natural landscape world, but I will follow where ever there is interesting dynamics of space, light and time. And I must confess that I can get distracted by the tools, such as drone photography, but I try to stay focused on my mission of capturing unique moments of light and dark.
Currently, I live in Portland, Oregon.  
For my professional life, visit http://mc-carter.com to learn more about my technology project management business. (See the WordPress link above to visit McCarter Consulting.)
If you are interested in using any of these images, go to the CONTACT page.
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